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Dr. Mohamed El Masry has been performing surgery for weight loss in Egypt for 10 years, providing a long term commitment to achieving and sustaining weight loss. Dr. Mohamed El Masry started Slim and Beautiful Obesity Surgery Clinic to be one of the pioneer obesity clinics in Egypt. Dr. Mohamed El Masry aims to patient satisfaction and improvement of their quality of life. If you or someone you know is struggling with severe obesity and suffering from related health conditions, Slim and Beautiful can help. We know how being overweight affects so many aspects of your life health, home, work in a negative way. We also know that for a lot of people, diets don’t work long term, and you regain an even greater weight. But there is hope. Our weight loss surgery has been shown to be consistently more effective than diet and exercise alone, and continues to last for the rest of your life. Weight loss surgery is a life-altering decision and we believe you.    Read more...

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Benefits of Weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgeries are not plastic procedure, but they are procedures to improve health, quality of life, and, of course body shape (significant weight loss). However, the results of this improvement are more with gastric bypass than with sleeve gastrectomy and adjustable gastric banding (as they are not malabsorptive procedures).


Weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery (Bariatric surgery) is a surgical procedure performed for treatment of morbid obesity. Weight loss surgery has existed since the 1960's, having gone through significant evolution from the early days ending with the modern day.


The Process

When you decide to do a weight loss surgery, you should choose your surgery based on several factors. During the first visit to Slim & Beautiful Obesity Surgery Clinic, which is the visit of assessment, you will undergo these.


New Life

Weight loss surgery is not just a surgery. It is a trigger for modification of your life to a new life. It is like a seed that needs support and follow-up to grow and yield. We both Me and You are aiming for your weight loss and maintaining it in.


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Metabolic syndrome

Metabolic surgery (weight loss surgery) can normalize blood glucose levels and allow for a discontinuation of insulin therapy. Also, metabolic surgery becomes the most effective line of treatment for.

Meet the Team

Dr. Mohamed El Masry established Slim and Beautiful team to be one of the pioneer teams in weight loss surgery in Egypt. He started to work with his team first by practicing other laparoscopic surgeries followed by laparoscopic weight loss surgery. The vision of Dr. Mohamed El Masry is to make a multidisciplinary team with other weight loss specialties including, nutritionist, dietitians, ...Read More

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