Rofayda Health Park

Located in Sheikh Zayed City, Giza

It is a very elegant medical campus, providing integrated medical services through an outpatient facility with specialized centers of excellence, a maternity hospital focusing on women and children’s health and an ophthalmology hospital. In addition to, wide array of specialties including bariatric surgery.

Global Care Hospital

Located in Sheikh Zayed City, Giza

It consists of five floors with a total of 60 beds, the hospital has been implemented according to the specifications of the World.
The hospital has been equipped with the latest regulations and modern medical equipment, staffed by professors from all disciplines in medicine and nursing staff at the highest level of skill and experience, and the hospital is managed by technological systems, specializing in the medical field.

New Kasr El Aini Hospital (French Kasr El Aini Hospital)

Located in Helwan, Cairo

This Hospital is belonged to the Ministry of Military Production Ministry. This Hospital is 6 floors building with 230 beds, 17 ICU beds and 8 room operation rooms. It is perfectly situated in Helwan in special place characterized by calm and beauty. The hospital was purpose built and is a major acute care hospital providing all diagnostic and treatment facilities for comprehensive medical and surgical care. This hospital again provides comprehensive health care is kept up to international standards of hygiene and health and safety. Rooms are designed to provide maximum safety in regard to infection control.

Military Production Specialized Medical Centre

Situated in Kasr El Aini, Cairo

The New Kasr El Aini Hospital is 12 floors building with 1208 beds, 136 ICU beds and 18 operation rooms. The actual work in the hospital project started in 1986 and took 9 years, and finished in Nov 1995.

The administration of the hospital coordinates between the different services and departments to achieve the best quality of care for the patient. The New Kasr El Aini Hospital is considered one of the biggest establishments of medical service in Egypt and Middle East. The New Kasr El Aini hospital aims to become a center of excellence in health care provision matching all internationally recognized quality standards.

ABC Hospital

Located in Mohandessein, Giza

It is a progressive, full-service hospital offering a full range of medical and surgical services as well as specialty support and outpatient services. ABC Hospital is committed to providing the highest quality care with compassion and respect.

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