• I was 111 Kg, 160 cm with a BMI of 43.
  • I lost 55 kg in 16 months.
  • Now I am 56 Kg. I lost 117 % of my excess body weight with a new BMI of 22.
  • After Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy.

I’ve lost my confidence completely. I always felt that I am little. I used to hate myself too much. I wished I could live as any girl. I wished I could live my age. I always felt like I miss something. I was desperate of my life. I was trying to hide from eyes because of their bad words. I was always introverted. I felt as an abnormal thing. I always cried because of this situation. I want to lose weight that was my hope.

I tried to make diet but it always failed. I heard about weight loss surgeries from my mom. I felt that it will be my last hope. I decided to do the operation. Later, my mom was refusing it and I heard from many people that the operation may be very dangerous and usually fails. However, I took the decision as it was my last chance to lose weight. I said ‘‘Enough honor attempt’’.

Now I lost all my excess body weight and my BMI is 22 (it is a great job). I have become a human being again. I feel confident. I have a great hope in my life. Now I do not feel ashamed of myself. Now I returned back to myself to be myself.


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