• I was 200 Kg, 180 cm with a BMI of 62.
  • I lost 108 kg in 18 months.
  • Now I am 92 Kg. I lost 91 % of my excess body weight with a new BMI of 28.
  • After Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy.

Having battled with my weight for long time, I spent the majority of my life struggling with issues of low self-esteem, deprivation from constant dieting, and guilt over hundreds of failed attempts to lose weight. I was unable to walk very far without being winded.

I did the operation one and half years ago. I lost 91 % of my excess body weight. I have a great will to be as I am now. Obesity has been like a prison, which restricts movements and my decisions of my life. So I decided to change my life completely and skip the restrictions of this prison, so I can live, I am in the age of thirties and this was my difficult life. How will I live in this weight after that? I look at the pictures from before my surgery and can’t imagine that was me or what it felt like to be that heavy.


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