• I was 125 Kg, 175 cm with a BMI of 41.
  • I lost 30 kg in 5 months and still going down.
  • Now I am 95 Kg. I lost 62 % of my excess body weight with a new BMI of 31.
  • After Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass.

I was hypertensive and my cholesterol level was elevated and I was on medications. My body’s overweight has been an obstacle for the proper performance of my work and also during praying. I could not practice any sport because of the severe pressure, which caused by my belly on the spine. Now I can I practice my career quite naturally and I can walk and exercise for long periods of time without feeling tired.

In addition, cholesterol level has been improved dramatically. And also I completely stopped medications used for blood pressure and heart. So, I advise all suffer from morbid obesity quickly take the appropriate decision for him/her to reduce their weight so that they can live freely and start a new cheerful life.


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