• I was 162 Kg, 153 cm with a BMI of 69.
  • I lost 58 kg in 11 months and still going down.
  • Now I am 104 Kg. I lost 56 % of my excess body weight with a new BMI of 44.
  • After Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy.

May I look to many people just a picture or a case that got rid of 50% of excess weight? But this is contrary to the truth, my obesity’s trip began twenty years ago after i got my children and my weight continued to rise from 82 kg until it reached 162 Kg (double weight). This weight was a disaster; the issue is the evolution of a woman suffering from weight increase to a patient complaining from many diseases. My condition started with an increase in blood pressure and diabetes, and was a great disaster when problems began to appear in both my legs and the diagnosis was cellulitis and my movements became very slow and I began to feel I am a burden on all around me.

Suddenly I got a strangulated hernia in the intestines that required urgent surgery. The operation was done successfully, but the wound has not healed because of severely obese belly and I suffered a lot of pain. Then my leg’s problem increased. I went to a doctor and it was a big shock when he said to me that obesity worsens my leg condition that may lead to the need for amputation of my legs due to obesity. And he stressed the need for surgical intervention to stop this risk of obesity that would destroy my life.

I went to the doctor who saved my life. I thought that everything he was saying illusions. He said that there is no impossible with the progress of medicine. I agreed to do sleeve gastrectomy with a feel inside me I think that the matter either. The operation took place on 15/03/2012. And now I celebrated my first year of life. My weight now becomes 104 kg. Now, I can practice my life with my family normally. All my diseases ended (blood pressure, diabetes and cellulitis). I am now carrying the burden of others after I was a burden for them. I am visiting all of my friends and do my job easily. Thank God Thanks to the man who was the best support in the last 12 months and get me out from the grave of obesity to the sky of world.


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