• I was 141 Kg, 175 cm with a BMI of 46.
  • I lost 56 kg in a year.
  • Now I am 85 Kg. I lost 87 % of my excess body weight with a new BMI of 28.
  • After Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy.

As I’m reaching my one year anniversary I reflect on how much my life has changed. I have a new found confidence from my personal life to my professional life. I want to offer and encouragement to anyone who is hesitant or afraid of taking this step as I start. But the bitter and painful attempts with dieting, which teeters between success and failure and restore the lost weight again made my feet to process something necessary but it was my only hope in life. And here I am now lost weight 56 Kg in one year. I didn’t realize how bad I felt before…now I have the energy to do a better job at work and get through the day no matter what is on my agenda. I also have the energy and strength to keep up with my friends. And have changed and improved my life and my mental health and to much better. And on top of these improvements, ditch the dreaded diabetes risk. As well as improved mental state and performance in working and private life.

Improvement of the appearance is never as important as the above because of its impact on self-confidence and happiness. It is enough that I am not obliged to search the stores and wearing xxxxx large that only available for large sizes regardless of their colors and brands. Now I wear what I like and choose at any time and from anywhere. And the fact you will not hide how much I was reluctant to start it up and how much I was afraid of the operation. But simply I discovered that no matter how bad the result of anonymous will not be worse than frustration, despair and illness. But what actually happened is achievement of my dreams that rarely achieved. And I see my dreams come true and become a new person living a new life full of health and vitality. This is what I wish you all.


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